Apology Flowers: The Best Way to Say Sorry

Send the ideal apology flowers to that special someone in your life to show how much you care from our vast collection of beautiful arrangement at Ivory Florist.

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Asking for forgiveness might not be such an easy task when your mistake has hurt someone or caused distress to others but how about asking for forgiveness through some flowers to say “I am Sorry”? Getting some flowers and apologizing to your loved ones could be the best way to show your sincerity to the person and a genuine gesture towards receiving forgiveness.

However, finding the best flowers to say sorry to your girlfriend/boyfriend through could be a tough task to begin with. Relax! We have your back. Along with a note written with heartfelt remorse, we will definitely help you with a genuine apology to patch up.

A bouquet and a surprise

Flowers are one of nature's most expressive gifts and sending flowers to someone communicates your feelings very clearly. It is also important to let the receiver know why you have chosen that particular flower, as this will ensure that your apology message comes across as heartfelt. Additionally, a sorry poem or card can be an unexpected way to show your remorse.

A Surprise Gift

Sending a gift whether a soft plushie or a classic brown teddy is always adorable. Meeting them in person and owning up to your mistake and handing them your bouquet of apologetic blooms might be a gesture that leaves a mark. If someone’s way to their heart is through their stomach, send them a basket of assorted cookies, a sweet treat, or just good old home-cooking their favorite dishes with some roses and lilies on the table can make your apology hit home.

Office Surprise

Surprise them with a flower delivery at their workspace, home, or school, and give their day a positive turn. Ivory florist, Irvine has flowers of all different kinds for your apology to have a special arrangement of blooms.

The thought behind some of the best flowers to say sorry to a person you wronged are listed below.


Roses are a symbol of undying love, caring, and compassion. The most romantic method to express your regret to someone you've wronged is with roses. The traditional way to show your woman love and affection is with a bouquet of red roses through our flower delivery in orange county.


Lilies represent modesty and devotion. The lily flower was adored in traditional Greek culture for its beauty. They make the perfect apology flower for your wife or girlfriend because of their unparalleled beauty.


Orchids stand for vigor, strength, power, and rarity. The greatest flowers to use to show your man that you are truly sorry are orchids because they have an exotic nature and live a long time. Additionally, it demonstrates that you value all that he offers the partnership. Even close friends might disagree with one another. Get it from irvine flowers.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are symbolic of joy, caring, and friendship. Yellow roses have long been associated with joy and friendliness. Send a friend a fresh bouquet of yellow flowers to express your regret for hurting, or upsetting them. To show them how much you care and appreciate their friendship, surprise them with flowers at work or at home.


Tulips symbolize fresh starts, tranquility, and forgiveness. Springtime and new beginnings are associated with tulips. Flowers should not solely be given to women, though! Consider sending your partner flowers through our Irvine flower delivery and express a deep apology about how much you've offended or disturbed him.

We've all done someone wrong, but what counts is how we make it right. If you've unintentionally offended someone and are unsure how to make amends, our flowers for forgiveness can make the process much easier for you. Send the ideal apology flowers to that special someone in your life to show how much you care.